X-Spurt Mastitis Detector

22.76 ex.VAT | 28.00 inc.VAT


-With udder infections there is an elevation of the somatic cell (white blood cells and epithelial cells) count in the milk. Both of these products work on a similar principle using a four sectioned test paddle and a reagent liquid, usually Sodium Lauryl Sulphate.

-A small amount of milk is drawn off from each quarter into the individual tray sections, the tray is then angled to allow the correct amount of milk to be retained for the test.

-In the X-Spurt the 300ml (15 cow) reservoir handle is compressed to mix the reagent with the milk, with the CMT an individual shot of 3ml from the (41 cows) reagent dispenser is added to each section.

-Mixing the two liquids with a circular motion, after 10 second the viscosity of each section should be assessed. If unchanged the cell count is normal (up to 250,000 cells/ml), the thicker and more gelatinous the liquid, the higher the cell count indicating the severity of the infection