Milk Bucket and pulsator complete

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Easy to use dump bucket and pulsator system.

Ideal for milking beastings from cows while in the milking parlour or for milk that you want to avoid going into the bulk tank.

You are using a completely separate cluster so that means there will be no cross contamination between cows and it the cows milk that is been isolated wont affect your main herd.


How to use:

You will need to drill a hole in your vacuum line.

You will place the vacuum clamps onto your vacuum line with the stall tap out of it. These clamps come in either 50mm, 63mm. 75mm or 90mm to suit different vacuum lines. This will need to specified when ordering.

Then you simply only need to push the rubber tube from the dump bucket up the stall tap and turn it to get the vacuum down to the pulsator and bucket and you can then milk your cow.


Should yo wish to have more than one spot in the parlour to get Vacuum from you can buy the vacuum clamp and stall tap separately on the website. Labelled under ‘stall tap and vacuum clamp’.

Comes complete with:

1 x plastic or stainless steel bucket – 30 litre.

1 x dump bucket lid that will stay permanently on the bucket.

1 x cluster complete with stainless steel shells, short pulse tubes and liners.

1 x 2×2 pneumatic pulsator.

1 x length of milk and pulse tube and tube clips.

1 x stall tap and vacuum line clamp.

1 x 6ft length of milk tube to go up to the stall tap.

*all these items are also sold separately on the website.

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